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Member Discounts
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Welcome to the World Wide Web Yacht Club

The World Wide Web Yacht Club was launched to provide the opportunity for anyone interested in boating to be a member of a yacht club, without regard to their race, colour, gender, age or religion, as well as providing information and services to boaters around the world.

The principal requirements for membership are access to the internet and a willingness to communicate with people who enjoy sailing or motor yachting.

It is restricted to persons of good character but, in all other regard, it is against discrimination of all kinds.

How will I know and meet people of similar interest?
Communication with others of similar interests begins with the use of an exclusive club Burgee (flag) which, when flown, indicates the membership of WWWYC. When seen by other members flying their Burgee it shows willingness to meet with other yachting members personally or on the internet.

What are some of the benefits of joining?
When you join you receive the following: club stuff

  • WWWYC Burgee.
  • Gold Member Card.
  • 2 WWWYC stickers, suitable for external use, may be used on your boat or car.
  • Special discounts from selected boating suppliers.
  • Some interactive links and features can only be opened by a member password.

How may I join and what is the cost?
Full details about our special introductory membership may be reached by opening the following link:, Inc. is an authorized retailer of

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